Golden Dew 💫 NIGHT Serum || Jasmine + Frankincense || Farm Grown Beauty Blend + Pomegranate Oil

Skin Type: Mature, Dry Skin, but good for all.

‘Nourishing, moisturizing, and hydrating for dry, tired, mature skin. I purposely packed this luxurious nighttime anti-aging serum with thirty-one rich, high-performance natural plant oils with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. I wanted specific plant oils that would penetrate deeply to deliver needed vitamins and phytonutrients to my skin. The aroma is gorgeous with its blend of rose, jasmine, bergamot, lavender, giving you the sense of walking through my gardens. I hope you love it as much as I do.’ Lylah


LUNA 🖤 Oil Cleanser || Lavender + Jasmine + Clary Sage || Rosehip Seed Oil + Tamanu Oil

Skin Type: All skin types

Recommended for all skin types, Luna is your at-home spa oil cleansing experience never leaving your skin dry, but only beautiful, clean and soft.

‘Luna is personal to me - it was my first plant oil creation and I included everything my mature/dry skin needed. Luna is deeply intoxicating with the additional blend of the sweet, floral aroma of Clary Sage + the rich, earthy and woody aroma of Sandalwood. This blend is similar to the experience you have walking through my gardens at our farm. If you’ve never tried a cleansing oil, I know your skin will love Luna and your experience will be one you come back to – every day. ’ Lylah


GOAT MILK FACE BAR CLEANSER 🖤 Olive Oil + Shea Butter || Bamboo Charcoal + Rosemary || Normal + Acne-Prone

'Why goat milk to cleanse your face? Goat Milk has natural moisturizing properties, it soothes dry, tender skin and it contains alpha-hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate your skin. Use this face bar as your morning cleansing bar or your second cleansing bar after your oil cleanse with Luna.

The activated bamboo charcoal and earthy blend of rosemary + orange are formulated to target acne-prone skin by gently exfoliate and detoxify. Works well for oily or combination skin with a natural calming and uplifting scent. Even with my mature/dry skin - this bar gently aids in exfoliation. And, men love it too!'   Lylah