Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are gathered from our farm and from a small group of suppliers that work with other farms from around the world.  We choose the very best, top-shelf ingredients because making the best matters to us and we know it matters to you. There are NO pre-made bases. NO preservatives. NO toxins. NO gluten.



Argan Oil from Morocco

Arnica Montana Flowers botanical from Western US

Artemisia absinthium (wormwood) botanical grown at TSF Botanicals Farm,

Avocado - California

Bamboo Charcoal

Bergamot Peel - Italy

Blue Chamomile from Egypt

Blue Tansy from Morocco

Borage botanical grown at the TSF farm

Borage Oil from China

Cacao from North America

Calendula Flower botanical grown at TSF Botanicals Farm

Camellia oleifera from Japan and China

Dandelion botanical grown at TSF Botanicals Farm

Frankincense from Somalia

French Pink Clay from France

Geranium from South Africa

German Chamomile botanical grown at TSF Botanicals Farm

Grapeseed from Chile

Hazelnut from Italy

Helichrysum from Slovenia

Hemp Cannabis sativa from Canada

Hibiscus botanical grown at our TSF Botanicals Farm

Jasmine Grandiflorum Flower from Egypt

Jojoba from Israel

Lavender Flower from Bulgaria

Lavender Flower botanical grown at TSF Botanical Farm

Lemon – Citrus Limon Peel from Argentina,

Mango Butter from India

Marula from South Africa

Meadowfoam from Canada

Moringa Flower botanical grown at TSF Botanicals Farm

Myrrh from Somalia

Neroli from Tunisia

Nettle Leaf botanical grown at TSF Botanicals Farm

Olive Oil (Olea europaea) from Spain

Peppermint from India

Pink Grapefruit Oil from California

Pomegranate Oil from Israel

Prickly Pear Oil from Morocco

Roman Chamomile from the UK

Rose Damascena Flower from Bulgaria

Rosehip from Chile

Rose Geranium from South Aftica

Rose Flower from Bulgaria,

Rosemary Leaf botanical grown at TSF Botanicals Farm

Rosemary from Spain

Sea Buckthorn from China

  Shea Butter from Ghana

Spearmint from India

Sunflower from Spain

Sweet Orange from Brazil

Tamanu from Madagascar

Wild Chamomile botanical grown at TSF Botanicals farm

Willow Bark sourced from TSF Botanicals Farm

Wintergreen from China

Yarrow from Bulgaria

Ylang Ylang from Madagascar

Restorative Beauty Infusion **
Our  Restorative Beauty Infusion is our own proprietary blend of nutrient dense whole plants with cell-rejuvenating, anti-bacterial, anti-aging activity infused into foundation oils such as sunflower and grape seed in a way that your skin absorbs easily. These nutrient rich plants help to clarify, brighten, stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines.  We formulate our products with whole plants because skin is made with the same nutritive building blocks. We use plants to nourish and feed the skin.