You're Coming to our Beauty + Wellness Gathtering

Hello there....I am thrilled you will be joining me tomorrow, Thursday, October 22nd at our farm. Everything is finally showing it's beauty and color now that we have "cooler" weather.

So, here are a few details (feel free to print this off):

  • our farm gates open at 9 AM (unless you have an earlier facial appointment with Natalya of Desert Bloom Skincare)
  • you'll be greeted by my husband Michael who will check you in, hand you a map of the farm, direct you where to park and which gate to enter into the Gathering Garden.
  • coffee + Picket Fence Pastries are served in the Apothecary/Flower Room 
  • water + cups are on the Apothecary/Flower Room patio (east side). There will be tea bags/honey for those who might like tea.
  • there are little garden spots with tables and chairs all around: the Gathering Garden, the Market Garden, the Green House Garden, The Blue Coop Garden, The Pine Tree Garden and under the arbor in the Cottage Garden. 
  • the Cottage Garden will be a quiet space - access will be limited to 3-4 women at a time - due to women having their facials with Natalya near the cottage. 
  • i will give a 15 minute talking tour of the skincare lab at 10 am.
  • you can purchase products in the Apothecary/Flower Room: beauty products and our farm's caramels. you can make any purchases today - online - to pick up tomorrow. 

My prayer is that each of you coming will experience peace and sanctuary and that time in our gardens be a sense of refreshing for you.  

xx lylah