Farm to face begins with the beauty from our family farm

Where Do Your Products Come From?

Ever wonder where your products come from? And, more so, the ingredients for the products you put on your face? Ever think about how they are actually manufactured and the process your product has gone through – from the ingredient source -- to the lab -- bottling and then into your hands?

According to Cult Beauty, farm to face skincare is a growing trend. For us, it’s not a bandwagon we jumped on – it’s just what we did from the beginning. We wanted total control over as many plant ingredients as possible and so the only way we knew to do that was to grow them ourselves.

We control the ingredient production so we can ensure maximum potency of our botanicals so you can have confidence that our botanical ingredients are grown with sustainability principles and organic standards. Giving you the best, most potent products for your skin matters to us.

Your products are not the result of fillers or pre-made bases from some manufacturing plant that provides “natural” skincare products for so many other companies who just put their own label on the bottle. Your products come directly from our farm.

Your products are also handcrafted in the beauty lab at our farm. The plants go through an infusion technique process similar to effleurage, in which the whole plant is infused into our foundation oils, and in our controlled environment, the temperature kept consistent for 4-5 weeks.

When ready, the result is our Radiant Beauty Infusion which is the heart of Golden Dew Botanical Serum.

All bottling and labeling is done by hand and packaged and sent to you from us.

Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are gathered from our family farm (TSF) and responsibly sourced from a small group of suppliers that work with other farms from around the world.  We choose the very best, top-shelf ingredients because making the best matters to us and we know it matters to you.

There are NO pre-made bases. NO preservatives. NO toxins. NO gluten.

See our Ingredient list and source here.

Radiant Beauty Infusion our own proprietary blend of nutrient dense whole plants with cell-rejuvenating, anti-bacterial, anti-aging activity infused into foundation oils such as sunflower and grape seed in a way that your skin absorbs easily. These nutrient rich plants help to clarify, brighten, stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines.  We formulate our products with whole plants because skin is made with the same nutritive building blocks. We use plants to nourish and feed the skin. 

There can never be compromise with slow beauty.

I am passionate about making 100% active, high quality skin care using the best ingredients on this planet and without compromising. 

There are no shortcuts to making the very best and that means we start with the very best - the world's most nutrient dense whole plants that we grow at our farm. 

We understand the true meaning of  "Farm to Face" and "Slow Beauty."

The gardens at our farm are graced with plants like German Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender, Moringa, Artemisia, Rose Geranium, Meadowsweet, Hibiscus, Nettle, Dandelion, Rosemary, Borage and a few more.