Lylah Ledner Skin Care was founded with this goal: to create results-driven, 100% natural, and non-toxic skincare, that delivers optimal nutrition for your most radiant skin.

Since, starting Lylah Ledner Skin Care in 2017, I have been very proud to be part of the evolving FARM TO FACE beauty/skincare movement.

Traditionally, ‘farm to face’ meant that ingredients came from a local source. But, to us, farm to face means that we grow (as many as possible) the botanicals for our products, and that we make our luxury skin care collection on site, in the farm’s apothecary kitchen. We grow, we formulate, we create, we bottle, we package and we ship directly to you from our farm. I am obsessed with providing you the freshest possible products.

From the beginning, I had several other goals in mind.

The first goal was to create beautiful, 100% natural non-toxic, skin care products that women (and men) would trust and that delivered optimal nutrition for radiant skin. I wanted two skin care collections: a basic, simple face care and a luxury, anti-aging collection using plant oils: the ultimate face serum, a nourishing oil cleanser and a rich, calming, healing blue tansy balm. All three are magical – especially for mature/dry skin.

Since starting my company, I have come to realize that too many women, many my age, have felt they didn’t have “permission” or that they weren’t “worthy” to take the time to pamper themselves and to enjoy beauty routine moments.

This discovery led me to not only have conversations with women, but to begin planning Beauty + Wellness Brunches at the farm: gatherings of women, centering on soul-care: art, beauty, gardens, conversation and beauty care. 

 xx Lylah