farm to face, for real

It's important to me that women have peace of mind in caring for their skin. So, everything formulated is 100% Natural. There is NO compromise. We grow most of our whole plants used, these are our formulas, we create, bottle and package our products by hand at our farm in Arizona.

Lylah Ledner Skin Care was founded with this goal: to create results-driven, 100% natural, and non-toxic skincare, that delivers optimal nutrition for your most radiant skin.

My Story

Beauty and inspiration are everywhere on our small family farm and in 2017, my  hands on knowledge, and experience of plants evolved into a new focus. I began to learn about the skin benefits of the plants grown on our farm. I studied how to extract the nutrients and create blends that would absorb into skin providing nutrition to the deeper levels. My goal was to create effective, high-quality, plant-based skin care-elixirs, and treatments for myself and women, like me, who wanted a healthy and natural option to restore glow and health to their skin.

Beauty Uncompromised

The lab at our farm is a busy place. We infuse our primary oils with whole plants and then wait. We fill and label bottles, and ship them directly to you from the farm. There are no shortcuts to create our results-driven products. We do not out source or use pre-made bases.  Our only goal is to give you products with beautifying nutrition for your most radiant skin.