What Is A Facial Tonic?

November 10, 2018

What Is A Facial Tonic?

A facial tonic is a hydrosol and a hydrosol is the by product of the extraction process of powerful essential oils.  The role a tonic plays on skin will depend upon the plant material being distilled. 

In each bottle of tonic you get the beauty and DNA of the whole plant. All of it's goodness is in that bottle and we believe whole plant facial tonics are a very important part of daily skincare routine.  

So, our Rose Geranium Facial Tonic, is the water (from the steam) that remains after the process of extracting essential oils from the Rose Geranium has taken place. Shop here.


The process to (to extract the essential oil) is called steam distillation. It's a slow and beautiful process where the  whole plant is placed into a large copper still and after water is added, a gentle flame is turned on to bring the plant material and water to a slow boil (under 100 degrees).

It must be slow in order to distill the essential oils from a plant. During that process, usually 5 hours, the vapor/steam rises in a condenser and during the cooling process it begins to separate into water and the essential oil. The steam/water that is collected is our Rose Geranium, Lavender, Calendula + German Chamomile Facial Tonics. Each one contains the DNA benefit of that plant's soothing, cooling, restoring, and healing properties. Some have inflammatory, calming, balancing, reducing stress and anxiety and relief from sunburn.

The hydrosol will have a minute amount of the essential oil from that plant, but it will be far less volatile than pure the essential oil.

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