Beauty Tip Secret for Healthy Skin - Double Cleanse

September 30, 2018

Beauty Tip Secret for Healthy Skin - Double Cleanse

One Beauty Tip Secret for healthy looking skin is to add double cleansing to your night time beauty routine. No matter what age, night time double cleansing is important to keep your skin nourished and to help decrease signs of aging. Makeup traces and dirt from the days pollutants and toxins need to be effectively removed. If you life in a metro city, one cleanser is not enough – you need two.

Your first night time cleanser must be an oil. Oil is the only ingredient that dissolves and removes layers of makeup and daily grime, so we formulated "Luna" to do that and more. Luna is our nourishing night time oil cleanser that is packed with anti-bacterial and anti-aging botanical properties. Not only does this oil cleanser prep your skin for your second cleanser, but it also provides added nutrition.

Use 4-5 pumps of Luna, apply it directly to dry skin, and give your face a gentle massage to stimulate the blood flow. Allow all the goodness of Luna to soak into your skin. Then, use a warm, soft face cloth (try our Organic Sherpa Face Cloth) and press it gently into your skin, sweeping upward. Rinse off and repeat using a cleansing milk bar as your second cleanser. All of our cleansing bars work well with any skin condition you may be dealing with.

Luna is so good for you as it contains many natural elements essential for healthy, luminous skin, such as Tamanu oil, composed of phospholipids + glycolipids which protect the skin's moisture barrier. Also included in this nourishing oil is our farm’s botanical blend of Calendula oil flower infusion along with Camellia oil - one of the best kept secrets of skin care. Camellia oil protects the skin against external environmental elements, reduces the appearance of mature skin, and gives a refreshed look to the complexion. Of course, Luna is also packed with other nourishing ingredients like Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Frankincense, and Jasmine.

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