Pomegranates - The Jewel of The Desert

Pomegranates - The Jewel of The Desert

Pomegranate trees are native to areas around the Mediterranean, northern India and Iran having been grown and cultivated since forever. In Greek mythology, pomegranate seeds (called arlis) were believed to have sprung from the blood of Adonis and various world religions used the ruby red jewels as sacred symbols for fertility, abundance, resurrection and eternal life. Valued in Egypt, the pharaoh required them to be part of his food source. Often these ruby red jewels were used for trickery, bribery and seduction. 

 I have always been captivated by the beauty and the nutritious benefits of pomegranates. My grandchildren love them. Our goats love them. They look pretty in a basket, are lovely in a dried arrangement and Martha Stewart has the best recipes here.

But, these hidden, seductive ruby red jewels with incredible cellular regenerating, collagen producing benefits had me at "anti-aging." At Lylah Ledner Skincare, I wanted to capture the wild essence along with the all the anti-aging beauty benefits of these jewels for each bottle of Golden Dew Serum. So I did.


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